Liebster Love!


As I have come to find out, this Liebster Award is SERIOUS BUSINESS!   I take talking about myself very seriously, so a big thank you to Lisa at Misadventuresinreality for nominating me for The Liebster Award! I took so long to respond that I am also thanking Franny Marie for a nomination. Thank you both, this was fun! For those new to this blogging thing (as am I), Liebster is intended to unite up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers and generally create a community.  We get to talk about ourselves, find out more about each other and pass it on. Basically you give 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you (I did this twice) and then nominate 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.  So here goes…


11 Things about Me:

1 – I have nearly finished my first novel, Circling, but I keep learning more and more about my characters and the editing becomes more writing which becomes more editing and it is becoming a cycle.

2 – I have been insane for Pete Townsend (The Who) my entire life. I think it began when I was seven. It is a peculiar fascination.

3 – I only wear black shoes – sneakers, dressy heels, sandals, flip flops, leather boots, suede boots. They are all black.

4 – If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably become an undertaker. I think the work they do is as important as any physician and far less appreciated.

5 – I have never traveled overseas but I want to. I just need the world’s biggest Xanax to get me to fly across the ocean.

6 – I am the only person I know who watched the first episode of Breaking Bad when it first aired on AMC. I desperately begged everyone I knew to watch and no one would. It was a lonely two years of saying, “Yo Bitch,” and no one getting it.

7 – I went to high school in Rhode Island and I was a hockey cheerleader. As an adult I keep this fairly quiet because everyone detests cheerleaders.

8 – I am who you’d want by your side in a zombie apocalypse.

9 – I have not slept through the night since I started writing.

10 – Sometimes I have psychotic, violent nightmares, but I am a generally very happy person. Go figure.

11 – I have never felt happier, more alive, more fulfilled, more hopeful, more courageous, more whole, more real, than since I started writing.

Lisa’s 11 questions:

1 – Why did you choose to respond to this award?
Why wouldn’t I? This is a golden opportunity to talk about myself! And to get to know my fellow bloggers better. I appreciate being included!

2 – If you could do anything with your life, what would it be and why?
I would be a full-time writer with a pay check. I’d contribute to word peace and practice tolerance.

3 – If you could travel back in time and have a conversation with your 12 year old self, what would you tell them?
Do your damn homework, try harder and toughen up! I had no drive as a child and I was too sensitive.

4 – What do you think is the single biggest issue plaguing our society today and why?
Without getting political I’ll say ignorance and lack of imagination. The concept that “my ideas are the only ideas” is threatening humanity.

5 – Why do you blog?
Blogging is a fantastic writing exercise. Writers must write. It gives me a break from my novel and lets me be reflective in a way I can’t with my characters.

6 – If you became super famous tomorrow, what would be the first thing you’d do?
Call my Mom.

7 – Where do you find most of your inspiration to write?
As I prepare to start my second novel I am giving this a lot of thought. The greatest inspiration for me is setting. I love to travel and visit new cities. I am going to Asheville, NC, in a few weeks because I am sure my next characters are there. I don’t know why, I have never been there, but I am pretty sure they are there. Second is music. I will be seeing a lot of live music in Asheville. Third is probably going to make me a literary pariah – TV. Not film, TV. I love watching physical action and reactions on TV. Sometimes I get stuck on a facial expression and I have to refer to Netflix episode of a show I know and I’ll watch a scene 22 times to get an expression right. Last is EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! I can find a pothole inspiring on a good day.

8 – What is your greatest weakness and why do you say so?
I am terribly impatient. I have worked hard over the years to enjoy the now, not always be moving towards the next thing. This concept of living in the moment sounds cliché, but it is a very real issue for me.

9 – If your future self were to travel back in time and have a conversation with you now, what do you think they’d say?
Slow down, smell the damn flowers. Drink less coffee. Cry more.

10 – What have you done today that could change your life or someone else’s?
Weird day to ask that question because I actually think I did ok with this one today, but it is private. I can only tell my stories, not the stories of others.

11 – If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who and why?
Jesus for certain. I want to know if his expectations are being met.

Franny Marie’s Questions:

1 – If you were any movie character, who would you be?
I’m the fiercely loyal, generous, but overly honest, neighbor. This character is much more prevalent in TV than film.

2 – Do you tell the truth, lie, of keep secrets the most?
Only truth.

3 – If you could try any exotic food, what would it be?
Drop me off on a deserted island with a knife, soy sauce, a lemon and maybe some hot sauce (to mix it up a little), I’ll be fine.

4 – Do you have a hidden talent?
I make unbelievable soup. I can make soup out of anything and it is usually awesome.

5 – Who is your biggest role model?
I’m not good with role models. I’m probably too narcissistic (either I spelled that right on the first try of my spell check crapped out.)

6 – Why and when did you start writing?
I have always wanted to write and dabbled, but I got serious this winter after a friend mocked me over coffee. ”Will you write the fucking book already?” She said and I did.

7 – Would you rather have invisibility powers or be able to see things that are invisible?
Oh definitely the power to see. There is more going on around us than we know.

8 – Favorite book?
I have to choose the first great book that comes to mind. I love lots and lots of books. I will never get over She’s Come Undone, by Wally Lamb. It is an old one, but it still stands out.

9 – Most important to the least — Money, Love, Time?
Love, Time, Money. Love is non-negotiable. Time is crucial. Money is lovely, but still comes in third place.

10 – Do you have any weird habits?
I am going really hard core honest here. I eat the tails of the shrimp.

11 – Favorite topic to write about?
Good looking, really fucked up people. I love the complications. I think fabulous looking people sometimes have trouble being taken seriously. If they are a little twisted, they are much more believable.

11 Questions for My Nominees:
1 – Are your characters a reflection of you? How?
2 – What song would roll the final credits if your book were to become a movie?
3 – What has the best year of your life been and why?
4 – How are you different now, from how you were five years ago?
5 – If you were a main character in a movie, which actor would be your fantasy love interest?
6 – What can you do to better the world?
7 – If you were given $1 million to donate, how would you do it?
8 – Choose one country you would like to travel, give us a sample week-long itinerary.
9 – Favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor?
10 – Favorite book and why?
11 – Why do you write?

Thank you, thank you!! Happy writing to you all!

New bloggers, I am out to find you. If you find me first, let me know and I’ll send you a nomination.


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