Hot Men Read Hot Books

Since I started writing I was drawn to a version of romance, but not romance like other romance. I want to write stories, where love is a secondary plot line. Stories that men will read.

I am well aware, men are an untapped market for traditional romance. The genre alone is not appealing for men. When people ask me what I write I answer carefully to keep myself from falling into two traps. I don’t want to turn off readers who may snub romance. You know who you are. I also don’t want to alienate men.

I write dark, atypical love stories. For me falling in love and having sex are easy. That isn’t where the story lies for me. Managing our baggage and trying not to kill each other… now that’s a story! 

I reached out to some male friends on social media and asked them to participate in my hashtag… #ShowMeYourPaige. Truth be told, men seeing men read me, couldn’t be a bad thing. I didn’t think they’d actually read me though. For $2.99 they could get the Kindle version, take a pic, and have a dedicated Twitter friend for life. Here is where the story gets interesting… THEY ARE READING IT!

I am getting a steady flow of DMs  (twitter texts) from my current readers as they flow through the book. The male feedback has been very positive and I am psyched! Again thanks to everyone for participating in #ShowMeYourPaige and for reading Circling The Shadows now available in Kindle and Paperback! 🙂

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