Laser Sharp Focus


Just a quickie today. I’m trying to maintain a laser sharp focus on these Circling rewrites. It is going well. The writing is getting stronger without the characters relying on the omniscient narrator to tell their story. But it is slow going.

In my laser sharp focus I have bought… oh no… I think I have bought five CDs in the last ten days. Oh no, it was six. Rush, Led Zeppelin,  Smiths, Smiths again, Brian Ferry and a Lenny Kravitz. I started a Tumblr blog (for literally no reason). I seem to have taken up cooking again. I ran out of red wine Tuesday night and faked a full grocery shop so I wouldn’t look like a drunk buying six bottles of red at 9 p.m.


As much as I enjoy editing,  when it gets this technical, the excitement dims. The story is well laid, characters well defined, setting well imagined. I like that part more.

When I wrap this up, Circling and Forever Falling will go to copyedit together. And I can begin the third! I am living for that day.

Those first key strokes… that is my favorite day.


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