Take The Time To Do It Right


On February 7, when I started writing Circling, we were in the middle of a horrid winter. I was never so happy for piles of snow since I was strapping on skates and skimming frozen surfaces as a child in Rhode Island. Snow days, as I quickly found, are ideal writing days. There is literally nothing better to do than to snuggle up with a laptop and create a new world full of gorgeous, complicated people, who have sex in public places.

Carving out time to write Book 2 seems a bit trickier. Gone are my seemingly endless 16 hour shower free days. And I wasn’t doing any blogging back then.  Every evening as the sun sets, it is a choice.  Blog or book. Now on weekends the damn sun is shining and beckoning me to do things like visit beaches and climb little mountains.

So forgive me for going light from time to time.  Any writers’ tips for avoiding the sophomore slump? How do you keep the writing energy up in the summer? Should I encase my laptop in plastic and bring it into the sand?

5 thoughts on “Take The Time To Do It Right

  1. Why not relax a little? Spend a little time dating your characters and making notes on how that feels. Let them date you. Get to know them better so that you can introduce them to me more truly and deeply.


  2. Great post Paige. I find that stripping things back helps for me. I’ll use mind mapping or even brainstorming sessions to just go crazy with ideas, what you find is that it brings your characters and chapters to life because you can develop them further.


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