Bourbon, Baguette and Brulee


How I would love a Bourbon (neat please), Baguette (crunch outside, soft and chewy inside) and that damn Creme Brulee I had twice in Ashville. After a quickie indulgent beach getaway I am carb free for 10 days. I am trying to appreciate indulgences like fresh berries, creamy yogurt, and… and… whatever.

What NOT to do carb free. Do not get your 70s on and see Lynyrd Skynard. Being the only sober person amid a sea of wasted old farts blows. Do not have your birthday. No cake? Enough said.
That’s really all I’ve got.  It’s actually fine besides.

Here I sit on a bench overlooking some still water. These things chirping around me are birds I guess. I think this movement of air is a breeze. That yellow ball in the sky is the sun?

I’ve become a bit of a shut in these gorgeous weekends.  Do all writers have to physically pry themselves from their laptops to engage with the world?  I tricked myself into a walk with thoughts of “think time.” I showed me.  Screw the walk,  I can blog from this lovely bench.

That next chapter is beckoning me though. Heading home. Happy writing to you all.

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