My 7-7-7 Challenge

It is funny how in a virtual world you inadvertently make some real connections. I’d like to thank Susan Kicklighter: Writing for Kicks for including me on this 7-7-7 challenge. I literally can not believe I have never met Susan.  She is a writer extraordinaire and damn funny. I can’t get by without some reliable dirty humor. Susan keeps us all entertained. The link above will take you to Susan’s 7-7-7 blog post.


The challenge is for the author to go to page 7 of their current WIP (work in progress), skip down to line 7 and then, share the next 7 lines of their manuscript with you.  I haven’t counted it out yet and I am a little terrified to know what I am  sharing.  I will be honest and not fudge a few lines to avoid a blow job. Okay even I don’t have a blow job on page 7. 😉  Here goes…

<Disclaimer, I fudged a little. Anna was peeing and you were not going to meet Anna peeing.>

Setting the stage. John and Anna are beach house neighbors. Both have their sorrows and secrets.  John is desperate to move beyond the guilt and grief that have haunted him for the last year and a half since his wife’s suicide. Anna is looking for romance and adventure and then a quickie anonymous sperm donor, so she can mother a child in peace, without the interference of a man. I’ll stick in a beach pic to set the mood.



7 sentences of Circling…

He gives her a wave, because he doesn’t know what else to do, and joins her at the bottom of her walkway, which joins with his, and makes its way straight to the beach. He silently passes her a cold, open beer.

They step right into the surf. Warm water licks their ankles.

“It is fucking fantastic here,” she says more to herself than to him.

He appreciates her easy use of the word fuck and he laughs. His laugh feels a bit rusty, but it feels good too.

And there they are – my people! I shudder to tell you how that day ends.

Passing the torch to other writer/bloggers. I am happy to get a peek at some WIPs!

Bill Cunningham at W. C. Cunningham Writes – Bill may just be the best read person on the internet.

C. A. Guardiola Write Away – Carlos may just be the smartest person on the internet.  I’m pretty sure he has seen and memorized every movie ever made.

Gary Bailey Writing – Gary is my brilliant over the pond friend. I don’t know what soccer season is, etc.  Gary knows everything British.

Arran Bhansal’s Confessions of a published author – Arran, also in England, was my first virtual friend.  He reblogged an early post and I have been forever indebted.

This was fun!  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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