Good God I have not written anything here since December 2016! I looked back at that last post (Unraveling) and it was about a germy, crazy lady, no not me, at Starbucks. I had drafted a whole piece about being vaxed and coming out of my COVID cocoon that I was going to post today, but it takes place at Starbucks and just feels redundant now!

Anyway – in short, I left my 15 month COVID cocoon and went to Florida. There is no better place for unmasking immersion therapy. By the end of two weeks, I lost my hand sanitizer and just ate food with my dirty hands. It was glorious!

This is my favorite picture from the trip because it matches the description of John and Anna’s beach chairs perfectly in Circling the Shadows! You are looking at Marco Island, Florida and it was kind of like paradise. This summer is thankfully action packed and I can’t wait to get moving again. Leave me a comment and tell me where you “de-cocooned.”

Stay healthy my friends. I am going to revive this old blog. Lots has happened in the last five years and there is so much to chat about. Friends and family – now is your chance to jump off the crazy train. You may learn more about me than you want to know. 😉

XOX Paige

2 thoughts on “De-Cocooning

  1. Paige

    De-Cocooning. I like that term. During all of this crisis, I/we never did get into a cocoon. Run, run, run is all we did. Work took me to better than half dozen states and 40 different towns and cities. Work for the Red Cross Blood Services, as a bio-medical tech. Pretty normal, outside of a mask. My other half stayed pretty much in our town working for a not for profit thrift store, woman’s shelter, food bank and just a general community service group. After a year and some later, sometimes, I wished that I had a break and time to shelter in place.

    I’m not too good at introducing myself in person, but, with this forum I might break out of my shell a little. 63 years in the making.

    Thanks for listening.

    Mike Petrone
    Peoria, Il


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