Unexpected Surprises

Yesterday was a bizarre and amazing the day, probably worthy of a #Mondayblog share. Please forgive typos and ramblings. I’m on my phone, here…


That’s my interpretation of the seemingly requisite legs and toes facing the surf pic. You’ll have to settle for a knee sliver.

Anyway so I arrived at the eastern shore of Md yesterday and noticed immediately the town was insane. It was like the day before Christmas at Tysons, combined with the night before Thanksgiving at Wegmans and the Mall on the 4th of July. (Too much local color?) Pulling up to my hotel I nearly ran off the road as a bright red bi-plane  (Is that a thing?) flew about 6 inches over my SUV (I’m serious) before nearly taking off the roof of my hotel and climbing vertically, then spiral diving the beach leaving an enormous contrail. Clearly a terrorist attack.

After I pulled myself off the floor of my car I started to notice signs and banners and a celebration under way. Oh… an air show. Huh.

An hour later I was sitting on the beach with a good friend and 4.2 billion other people. It was interesting, but a Xanax or 12 bourbons might have helped. I think I saw some very interesting planes that other people would have known. I did not, but this one was very interesting and terrifyingly fast and loud.


And this helicopter rescue stuff was very cool…
And then it happened. Unbeknownst to my dumb ass, I was front row center at the Beatles Show of aviation. “Next up, THE BLUE ANGELS.” Ummm what?

My Dad was a Blue Angels fanatic! I can’t remember how many times, or where I was, but all I know is that I was on my Dad’s shoulders watching. Watching The Blue Angels. These are some of my earliest childhood memories. My Dad would have LOVED sitting on this damn beach smelling the smoke.
What a gift! It is impossible to watch the Blue Angels and feel anything but grateful. Here’s to unexpected surprises.


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