Forever Falling
, Book 2 of the Sunshine and Moonlight Series, is now available!  Link to Kindle and paperback. Link to download Chapter One for free.

forever-falling-coverAfter telling his best friend that he is having an affair with his wife, Callum Townsend is sure he is headed for a happily-ever-after with his lover and business partner, Elizabeth. He is wrong. After losing his lover and best friend, Callum loses his restaurant, reputation and the respect of his Mother. Callum banishes himself to America into the welcoming home of his half-sister, Anna, before he travels to the great west. Callum wants to sample the delicacies of every region. And sample he does. His movie star good looks open doors and open legs. Until he quite literally collides with a little girl on the side of a mountain. Physically broken and still heartbroken, Callum is taken into the care of Victoria and her mountain menace daughter, Marina.

Tough as nails but far more beautiful, Victoria Bradley is battling her own demons. Her daughter wants to know who her father is and Victoria can never tell her. Victoria’s own father is dying thousands of miles away, very close to the demons Victoria has fought her entire life to keep away from Marina. When Victoria allows the sexually impulsive Callum into their lives, she has no idea he will be the catalyst for changing everything. After fourteen years of hiding from the demons, Callum brings the demons right to her front door. Callum will either destroy her or save her, because secrets never lie. But she won’t allow him to destroy her daughter. She will do whatever it take to save her daughter from the truth.

Circling The Shadows, Book 1 of  the Sunshine and Moonlight Series, is now available!  Link to Kindle and paperback.

AmazonKindleCoverJohn Halloway walks out on his wife’s funeral, cuts all ties and disappears. Eighteen months later, guilt-ridden, depressed and obsessed with thoughts of his own death, John returns to the home where he spent happy summers as a boy. John is ready to decide his future permanently, one way or the other. John will either end the summer at the bottom of the ocean or he will finally turn things around, but first John has to put down the bottle and remember how to live.

The summer starts off with a bang, when John meets his beautiful, blonde, British neighbor, Anna. She seduces him within thirty minutes of their hello. After enduring an abusive marriage, Anna is determined to live life on her own terms and all she wants is a baby. Getting pregnant by an unsuspecting stranger seems her best path to raising a baby without the interference of a man.

Anna and John share an unforgettable, steamy evening together and strike up a bargain for a summer of romance with no past or future tense dialogue, just living in the moment. John thinks the connection with Anna will help change his state of mind, and it does. But change is never easy.

Fall in love with John and Anna in Book One of the Sunshine and Moonlight series.

Coming to Brooklyn, Book 3 in Sunshine and Moonlight, coming in 2017.

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