Shooting From The Lip

It has been quite a while since I blogged. Even longer since I have written anything substantial. Life changes have silenced my written word flow.  I seem quite capable of speech, though.  That never goes away, apparently.

Thank you to Kevin Hale for hosting me on his fabulous SoundCloud show called, Round of Shots. Get the good, the bad, and the very ugly of Paige Randall. Take a listen. We talk about writing Circling The Shadows, music, reflux and many other fun, ridiculous and random topics.

Let me know what you think.


Circling The Shadows — it happened!

20150429_180211This is maybe the happiest blog I’ve ever blogged. Except the Brooklyn blog, Emotional Rescue. I really liked that one. Thank you to my twitter friend Mohamed.  We had an interesting discussion today. The question … what was the best day of your life?  Everyone immediately defaults to weddings, graduations, etc.  But are those really the best days of our lives?  Those orchestrated, choreographed, costumed events that cost an arm and a leg and require enormous stress. Births are of course wonderful, but they are certainly not the best day of parenting.

Mohamed wanted to know if releasing Circling The Shadows, now available on Kindle and paperback (typing that is actually really fun), was the best day of my life. It really got me thinking and truthfully I don’t have an answer. I’ve been thinking about the best ten days of my life to put the whole thing into perspective. It is really hard to boil your life down into the top ten days. This is going to take awhile.  To answer Mohamed, no, publishing Circling The Shadows, now available on Kindle and paperback, was not one of the best days of my life. Discovering I could write it in the first place, that was definitely one of the best days of my life.

Since the beginning, I was always afraid that writing would be a Flowers For Algernon scenario for me. Much like Charlie Gordon, I would suddenly have this ever increasing intellect, only to lose it in the end. Of course writing isn’t about intellect so much as it is about understanding… or desire to understand.  What makes people act and react?  In Circling The Shadows, now available on Kindle and paperback, Stephanie talks about understanding peoples Whys. Why do we think, say, do, don’t think, don’t say, don’t do? I love that.

I’m a little drunk.  I can feel the ramble coming on.  Let’s end it with a song. At this point, there really is no choice as to the song, of course. Did I mention that  Circling The Shadows is now available on Kindle and paperback?

Lots of love to you all!

And Mohamed – thank you for your friendship.

Screen Characters Blog Hop

Thank you to my twitter/blogger/writer favorite Susan Kicklighter, Writing For Kicks, for including me on this Favorite Screen Characters Blog Hop. Rules of the game… name your ten favorite TV or Movie characters, then nominate ten friends to do the same.

I love this but it is a really good, unintended, personality test. I love villains. I love characters willing to do anything to meet their goals… driven, singularly focused. Unfortunately I’m noticing that many of my favorite female characters are prostitutes. Strong women, sacrificing, typically are not Carol Brady characters. I’m going to dig deep here.


Al Swearengen, Deadwood
No character in recent memory has shown such a complex diversity of emotions. He was vile, funny, terrifying, but had a sweetness that made him the perfect character in my book.

Darth Vadar, Star Wars
I can’t help it, I love every second he’s on screen. At this moment I’m wearing this shirt.


Jesse Pinkman & Walter White, Breaking Bad
I don’t think it’s possible to list one without the other. To understand how Walter’s criminal genius unwinds his humanity, you need to observe Jesse’s hallow, childish, undeveloped psyche grow into his own true humanity. They are perfect foils in their twisted father/son bromance.

Joan Holloway, Mad Men
Male characters never have to go the distance to do what it takes to succeed. They are blessed with the ease of violence or self sacrifice that never includes their own sexual self sacrifice. Joan will do whatever it takes to be something more.

Cullen Bohannon, Hell on Wheels
Confession, Cullen is the inspiration for my main charachter in Circling. Cullen’s grief and strength as well as his blinding need for justice, of his own making, spoke to me and he is sexy as hell.


Sarah Connor, Terminator
No one is more driven than Sara. I love her transformation between the first and second films. She tries to find support within the system and realizes saving the entire world is on her… and she meets the challenge.

Katniss Everdeen, Hunger Games
Katniss had me at “I volunteer as Tribute.”


Baroness Karen Blixen, Out of Africa
The Baroness fought for her coffee, fought for the Kikuyu, fought syphilis and fought for her man. In the end she lost mostly everything, but her dignity and strength were stunning.

Willie Wonka, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
For younger readers, let me clarify, Gene Wilder is the only Willie Wonka. Period. Sadism dancing with a cane in a purple velvet jacket. Perfection.

That was fun. Join me?

Gary Bailey
Bill Cunningham
Aaran Bhansal
Dena Rogers
Carrie Mesrobian
Michael Frost
Kris Holt
Pieran Dodo
Louise G. White
Victoria Davenport