On Writing THE END


It’s over? Is it really and truly over? I started a few months ago, staring at a blank screen with a flashing little line. It pulsates, that little line. Write. Now. Write. Now. Write. Now.

And suddenly there is a place.
And the place is filled with people.
And the people are filled with stories.
And their world becomes my world and I like their world.
I like it a lot.

I like their secrets and their honesty. I like their selfishness and their caring. I like their fear and their courage. I like their pain. Oh I like their pain so very much.  And I love their passion. I also like their hair. They have really great hair.

And then it is done.

For my whole life, I thought of typing the words THE END as a leap across a finish line, with a ribbon across my chest and my arms raised in a V for victory.

But I’m not ready to say goodbye to these characters just yet. There are more stories to tell.


11 thoughts on “On Writing THE END

  1. Congrats on reaching the end of your story!
    When reading, I’ve always gotten sad when finishing a really good book because it was the end of my time with those characters, and it’s a hundred times worse when it’s your own characters you have to say good-bye to. But who knows who you’ll come up with next?
    Good luck on your next project!


  2. It’s a great feeling – a champagne moment. In my case there was a lot more work to do after I reached the end. The end was only the beginning, it turned out. Hope your first draft is a winner!


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