Wine & Wash

I had a really great day today. Like an A+ Saturday. I went to the Linganore Wine Festival in Mt. Airy, Md. Thousands of people gather for music, fun food, arts and of course wine. It was gorgeous weather, except for the few minutes we were inside looking at awesome stuff for sale and eating this.


That’s little bits of raspberry over dark chocolate. The wine was great, and abundant. Lots of laughs with my friends. 


So I got home and decided I didn’t want to nap away the rest of my Saturday. The washing machine is broken, so I grabbed my laptop and headed to the laundromat. I haven’t been to one in 25 years at least.  Here is what I learned.

No wifi.
It’s 100 degrees in here.
There are no seats.  I’m writing this from a folding chair I keep in my car.
To wash a load of laundry is THREE TO SIX FUCKING DOLLARS! I haven’t gotten to drying yet.
And the people are really nice.


I am not going to get into racism. There is nothing to discuss. It’s is unbelievable and absolutely horrible what people of color contend with in this country. But I do find myself asking, why are people in this country so often put off by people in different socioeconomic situations? I have no answer, but I’m asking the question. Most people in here aren’t here because their washer is broken and they are still buzzed from a day of wine. I look at what is costs to do a load of wash in this sweltering, shitty little place and think, my God this nation is hard on the working poor. Really fucking hard.

I feel a very long way away from this suddenly.

It’s Not All Good

In the interest of maintaining a somewhat honest blog, I need to just vent about this crap day. I intend to rant for about 250 words and then wrap it up with a tidy little bow of optimism at the end. Or maybe I’ll add a link to a song instead. Let’s see how it goes…

I’m sick. Nothing bad, just a nasty cold that includes strange symptoms of whininess and overeating. My preference is always wine to whine, but this is over taking me! Yesterday’s sick day cost me a box of Kleenex, but allowed me 14 hours of revisions on my current draft. I pulled a few “big reveals” out of dialog and wrote the scenes as flashback. This was very challenging. I think the pain was cloaked in dialog because writing snappy conversation around the action isn’t so gut wrenching. I did terrible things to my poor characters!  I bled all over the damn page. It felt horrible, but effective.

Needless to say I spent a sleepless night with violent nightmares, those really bad ones where I have to get up and walk the house to shake it off. If only I had walked to the basement.

I awoke feeling crappy, but the good girl in me got ready for at least a half day at work. Until – the discovery of a flooded basement. Insert curse words, dripping towels, wet vacs, probably ruined carpets, and all that mundane garbage that will never find its way onto my pages.

And then my cell phone died.
And I’m heading out of town for a wedding tomorrow.

Sooo – 90 minutes at the Verizon store (not too bad actually), where dueling sound systems playing different music from two sides of the store blared into my brain. It was good music too. As punishment for all of my life’s crimes, I sat in the middle, until I thought the sensory overload would be the death of me.

There is probably more, but I’m getting sick of me and my word count is high. I’m going to turn my whine into a glass of wine and set up my new cell phone. I’ll wallow just long enough to share this song with you. It reaches my most miserable core. Truly I am grateful for every minute of every day, but this day has been fucktastic.

Sexy Lunching with a Writer


I just had the most fantastic lakeside lunch! Romance novelist Isabelle Richards and I enjoyed a three hour, boozy, laugh out loud, sun-filled afternoon discussing our novels. Isabelle is an amazing woman and she has been the driving force behind my work. You might notice a credit to me in her Acknowledgements section. I had the honor of editing When Fates Collide and it really helped me to get writing. I fucking love her! Over the last months, we have spent an inordinate amount of time discussing which is more intimate – oral or vaginal sex. Our views do not align, but the discussion has been a hell of a lot of fun.

This week, we did a trade. She reviewed my manuscript while I reviewed hers. Today was THE MEET. Isabelle is writing the sequel to When Fates Collide. How fun to sit and discuss the motivations and complications of our characters like they are sitting at the next table. We covered their actions and reactions, their morality, their chances for redemption. Ok, there was more. We discussed their bodily fluids, the timeliness of their erections, and how they’d look naked. It was a very productive conversation. (Sorry for the backwash photo btw.)

I’m going to post this waste of a blog entry and then open the file for Circling. I have let it rest for a few weeks. I needed a little distance, but I am ready to get back in and finish it.  I am so close.

Maybe going dark for a while. I’ll be back…