Yeah I wrote that!


On February 7, 2014, I had coffee with a good friend.  We were in that part of the conversation where we offer each other a little self improvement ass kicking, as you can only do with really good girl friends.  “Will you write the fucking book already!” she said.  Ugh – for 25 years I have been talking about this book.  I don’t know what it is about or who the characters are or even what genre it is, but I know it must be written.  I guess she got tired of hearing me bitch about my busy schedule, work, family, blah blah blah.

That night I had dinner out, a little wine of course.  At 10:00 p.m., I powered up my tablet (note to self – never write on a tablet!) and sat down with a goal of writing a single sentence.  I felt like a pianist preparing to play Bach…. BUM, BUM, BUM, BUM. That probably isn’t coming across, but my Dad would have loved the metaphor.

I had no first words, no characters, no plot, no setting, no ideas, but I really wanted to prove something to my girlfriend!  And then it started coming  – beach houses, switched keys, and a super-hot man with a mild anxiety disorder.  At 2:00 a.m. I had 2,000 words and the pace wouldn’t slow. Thanks to a big snow, I kept that pace for six days. My car battery died. I forced a shower every other day. My calorie intake went from about 3,000 a day to 700. On the fourth day I had blood work because something certainly must have been wrong!

I. Could. Not. Stop. Writing.

I was hooked.



12 thoughts on “Yeah I wrote that!

  1. That’s really how it is. Once you get going, you get so into the story it’s impossible to stop. The hardest part of learning to write for me has been figuring out what it takes to get me started on a regular basis. It’s something I continually have to work at, but remembering how much fun I’ll have usually gets me to sit down and get to it.

    Good luck with that book!


  2. I can completely relate to this! For, oooh just my entire life, I have been waiting to write. Waiting for inspiration, waiting for time, yadda yadda. Then this year I just started ACTUALLY writing… No plan, no lightning bolt of inspiration just physically putting fingers to keyboard… And what do you know? I am hooked! Glad I found your blog (I’m new to the blogosphere) best of luck from one aspiring author to another 😉


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